An enthralling journey that began with lots of enthusiasm and spirit in our hearts as the fact that we have been selected as one of the teams to enroute the mesmerizing state of Odisha to capture it with a different perspective for the people to see what resides in there. There was a lot of fun as the days were rising and were passing by and the date of journey was approaching. The team was given a thorough brief about the complete tour by the Director of our institute with all the necessary instructions that were to be followed during the trip. And finally after all this the day was here, on the night of 11th February we reached the station with all our bags packed and minds rushing with adrenaline we were all ready to leave for this much awaited photo trek of the beautiful city of Odisha. The scheduled 31hours of journey lasted for 36, thanks to our train for adding to the extra travel hours of joy and also pushing us back on schedule for the first day. I guess this would be a great brief that would definitely want you to know what the whole trip was all about so, this upcoming part of this blog will tell you about the adventures, activities and also the difficulties that we went through in the duration of our incredible stay and adventure in the mesmerizing city of Odisha.