Le Mark Support

‘You have two hands. One to help yourself and the second to help others’

At Le Mark, we have always believed in the culture of ‘help and support’. As education providers, our responsibility not just lies in imparting quality education, but also providing additional help and support required by the students to help them carve out their niche in the industry. As a result, our students are well-endowed with professional attributes that are crucial to make a mark in the industry.

1. Professional Development

The difference between a Graduate and a Designer!

Learn the art of developing your additional attributes that build your character as a professional in the industry. Understand the difference between a typical graduate student and a professional designer.

2. CV and Portfolio Development

Flawlessness never goes out of style!

Learn the art of developing a portfolio and CV, the industry always looks for.

3. Interview Techniques

Make yourself smarter!

Practise makes us better. Smart practise makes us invaluable. Learn how to fare excellent for every interview you go to.

4. Alumni Network

A helping hand!

Irrespective of whether you need help for projects or recruitment, our network of Lemark Alumni is always there for help required by the students wanting to make it big. Get the updated insights and ideas required to get your foot in the industry.

5. Recruiters Hub

A gateway to professional success!

Every year, a lot of recruiters from industry, visit Lemark campus for their professional requirements. This is due to the quality of graduates we create and groom throughout the course requirements of our students. This is true testimony to our efforts we have put over the last 15 years.

6. Placement work

Getting right talent at the right place!

Success follows excellence’. Just as we impart our best into the students, our placement team pushes their envelope to get our students into great places of work making our placements gain solidity.