Dressing up for occasions is always a huge task! Sometimes, picking an outfit for a special event involves months of planning and thinking, especially when it’s a huge occasion like a wedding! This blog is about how to spruce up your exclusive look for that exclusive moment.

There are various events and instances that come up in our daily lives for which we must look presentable and dress up as per the occasion. Vacations, parties, interviews, festivals… you name it and there’s an apparel style for every occasion!

FESTIVALS and WEDDINGS are the most important events where one puts the maximum efforts into their appearance and presentability. Usually, the entire premise of Indian festivals and weddings are very extravagant in nature. Hence, the apparels chosen should also match the tone of the festivities. Choosing the right wardrobe for an occasion depends on various factors. For example, in different cultures, there is a different outfit style. Traditional attires vary from state to state. Hence, getting decked up in the traditional attire is a big yes for such occasions. 

Generally, extravagant attires are paired with heavy jewellery to complete the look. But it leaves plenty of opportunities to experiment with your own unique style that will make heads turn! You can pair your traditional saree with a crop top probably, instead of a blouse. Or perhaps use an embellished belt instead of a kamarbandh! Your outfit is your canvas where you can portray your art! Of course, pertaining to a decent and modest attire, you can tweak your traditional outfit for the day in any way you want and stand out from the crowd. 



DINNER PARTIES are particularly a little tricky. The confusion lies whether to wear something on the lines of indo-western wear or going completely western with your approach. The most important thing, on such an occasion, is to understand the tonality of the dinner party and the expected age group of the crowd. 

If it is a family dinner party, choosing a simple silk or chanderi cotton kurta over a Patiala or loose casual pants would be a comfortable option. Pairing the outfit with statement earrings would bring out the true authenticity and beauty of the entire ensemble. 


For an office dinner party, one can go with a much sleeker look with a casual evening dress, in preferably dark colors. To complement the look, precious minimal jewellery, like solitaire earrings or a simple pendant can be worn. If opting to go for a more traditional touch with your appearance, a well-fitted kurta with leggings or pencil pants and minimal jewellery will be the best option to enhance your look. The choice of footwear again depends on the location and comfort of the wearer. 



For a dinner party with friends, any of the above looks can be repeated. Otherwise, a much more casual look can be taken into consideration by replacing the bottom wear with jeans. The shiny material of the traditional top wear can be replaced with a much simpler cotton kurta, paired with a simple lip color and jhumkas.




Dressing up for INTERVIEWS may seem like a very simple task, but there are a lot of guidelines that are to be followed. The first and foremost task to understand the work culture of the organization where you are appearing for the interview. Strict formals are always a yes for every such instance, but the culture of the organization adds on the liberty to change your attire. 

For example, if you are appearing for a corporate job interview, strict formals are a must. For women, the hair should be neatly tied if long and properly groomed if short. Also, a light-colored shirt should be paired with a dark trouser always. Golden watches are a strict no for such interviews. The footwear worn should be covered and polished, and minimal makeup should be done. One can also go for a modern-Indian look with a well-fitted cotton or silk kurti, paired with leggings or pants. The footwear should be worn accordingly (preferably pumps). The rest remains the same.



On the other hand, if the interview to be appeared for is for a company, perhaps pertaining to the media or fashion industry, one should dress accordingly, and can think of taking a much casual and fashionable approach to their attire. Since the job involves the applicant to be in the public eye, they always need to be very presentable and fashionable. The look to go for can involve a little more makeup with perhaps a bright lip color, an appropriate footwear ranging from stilettos to loafers, and a presentable outfit that is decent and modest.




CORPORATE PARTIES are very formal in nature where you need to carry yourself and your attire very professionally. A professional body language should always pertain in your mannerisms. It is better to wear traditional attire for such parties. The best option would be to go for a saree. The attire should be paired with statement earrings, preferably of precious metals, to enhance your look. Sober make up should be done so that it doesn’t look very flashy. And pairing it up with an appropriate pair of sandals would complete the look and turn heads for sure!



GIRLS NIGHT OUT is a very sought-after indulgence time every woman looks forward to. The tone of the entire time is to look good, feel good, and have fun! The first advice would be to wear something in which you are comfortable. Without comfort, one cannot feel good or have fun. To carry off such a party look, you can opt for attires that are in trend now. Usually, the crowd here is of a similar age-group, so being in line with the newest fashion trend is a must. And never forget, a little black dress is never out of fashion!




VACATIONS are all about relaxing and taking time off to be in your own comfort zone. The perfect look for vacations would be to wear outfits that are effortless and comfortable to wear. Shorts, breezy shirts, jeans, t-shirts, paired with either flats or sneakers as per your comfort, and sunglasses would complete the look. The whole vibe of the outfit chosen should be radiating the comfort that you are experiencing.




Anything that you decide on with your creative mind is an art and anything that you execute your art on is your canvas. Your look is your creation, your art, and your body are your canvas. So, don’t think twice and put on your creative hats to rock the world!