Photography is India's New Hero !

“Most things in life are moments of pleasure and a lifetime of embarrassment; photography is a moment of embarrassment and a lifetime of pleasure.”
— Tony Benn


Today Photography Needs Nothing But A Vision

Photos hold memories and hence no significant definition can be drafted for the process of photography. We believe photography is nothing but showing the world through your own lens.

Earlier photos were all about capturing the highlight moments of life, print them into a physical copy and maintain a photo album. That would then become a huge contribution to visit the good times.

But now-a-days, photos are not only personal but made to be public due to the emergence of social media. The rise in platforms like Facebook and Instagram constantly makes an individual post pictures about their life.

Along with that the phone companies too have started providing experimental camera functions which makes photography easier and better.

India Is Adopting Photography With Whole Heart.

Social media has made the world global. Now you can see various places just by scrolling your phone at your home. Not just places , you can see food available around the world and also how people style themselves. This all becomes available by people clicking pictures and uploading them online.

Now there can’t be one sole reason of why photography has suddenly been a choice for so many individuals here. Since it’s a part of the industry we believe everything impacts everything. Also to create any content, the contribution of each team is necessary.

Celebrities, Big Brands, Influencers, other such public figures are now visible on each social platform. Hence, photos become a huge part of the process. Apps like Instagram have their base built on photos. It’s not just about pictures but about good quality pictures that speak volume.

“Only photograph what you love.”
— Tim Walker

However, If you are genuinely leaning towards photography as a career, just an iPhone and some filters won’t let you reach heights.

These days people with visions do create amazing pictures or as we say ‘Instagram Worthy’ pictures just by a click in good lighting and by using filers available.

All this has been hugely appreciated as Art can not be subjective and that’s the beauty of it.

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