What Is Pattern Drafting?

When it comes to creating or drafting any art or sketch, it’s important to have a constructive design at first. While in design all we see is shapes and colors but what we are unaware of is about the math behind. This is when Textile Designing comes in to the picture. Well if you google Textile Designing, you will not get it at first that easily. Not because it’s complicated but it’s something that should be studied and skilled at first.

Well as simple as Textiles would sound it’s actually fun when you hit the correct note. Textile Design is all about details that are authentic and true to it’s style. It’s a process for creating fabric designs for various purposes. At Le Mark we have courses of various levels that sharpen your skills of designing.

Pattern Drafting And More

Textile Design is no joke and definitely doesn’t end through some formulas. With the growing industry and global acceptance, textile industry now has become vast in terms of creation and experimentation.

There are several steps and rules on how various designing takes place depending on different textiles. Today let us help you with the term called ‘pattern Drafting’ at the beginner’s level.

What Is Pattern Drafting?

pattern drafting

To begin with, Pattern Drafting is about how a boring piece of cloth can be patterned and designed keeping the body type in mind and turned into something extravagant. Pattern drafting itself speaks about drafting a pattern to strike a statement towards the outfit.

Now there are various techniques that pattern drafting has in order to make the basics right. So let’s have a look at them.

Manipulating Darts:


Darts are usually spaces at the sides of the outfit in order to bring it to the body shape. Hence the old time dart techniques are no longer suitable for the styles we wear these days. This is when dart manipulation takes place. We can’t skip the process of not adding the darts to the outfit as that may make our outfit look ugly and unfitted. so moving the darts slightly to the sides or placing at a new place can do wonders to your outfit.

Slashing And Spreading Pattern

As the name suggests, splashing and spreading pattern is all about adding that extra flair to it. Any simple aligned cloth can be puffed into or pleated to make it more breathable. For example in a pleated skirt we add pleats in order to bring in that extra flair and style to it which has been accepted and complimented by many women.

These are the basic guiding things in order to introduce you to the term called pattern drafting.

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