Le Mark at Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2020!

Le Mark School of Art has been a platform for many individuals to learn and establish as an artist. We have been grateful to provide appropriate knowledge and create art with all our students at Le Mark. At Le Mark school of Art  we believe one who has the vision to create can do wonders in this space. This year we started our journey with an amazing experience at Kala Ghoda Arts Festival. We had 3 installations created by our brilliant team and students from different centres of Mumbai.

Here’s a little tour to our creation and execution as an art school at kala ghoda.

Unity In Diversity

Le Mark

Installation Name: Unity in Diversity

Created by: Thane Centre Students

Location of Installation: Cross Maidan

Message given by installation: Our installation is inspired by spiderweb which reflects the traditional weaves and embroideries done with elegant patterns representing indian culture unitedly.

Planet On A String


Installation Name: Planet on a string

Created by: Ghatkopar Centre Students

Location of Installation: Cross Maidan

Message given by installation: Our earth is suspended with strings hanging from a force as we fight to control till it’s last breath. Empty old humans with hollow chest, we choke it till it’s resources rest.

Entangled Desire


Installation Name: Entangled Desire

Created by: Ghatkopar Centre Students

Location of Installation: Ramp Row

Message given by installation: We must plant the sea and herd it’s life using the ocean as farmers instead of hunters. that is what humanism is all about – nurturing rather entangling.

These were our 3 major installations at the festival. We celebrated all 3 perspectives as they individually stand strong speaking about major concerns of the world today. Kala Ghoda Arts Festival is Mumbai’s one of the finest festivals to celebrate the creation of every artist. The festival is so much more than what it provides.

We are honoured and grateful to be contributing to this year’s festival line up. We loved all the praise we got and we are hugely thankful to all our creators and the respective team. Looking forward to create more, celebrate more and leave a mark every where possible!