Fashion Designing - Your Child's Next !


At today’s day and age, children are blessed with multiple options to explore once they get done with schooling. Though it’s also difficult to pick one reliable option when there’s too much on the plate. That’s when personal interest plays the role and ‘Fashion Designing Industry has been successful enough contributing to many aspiring adults today

Fashion and Fashion Designing is the ‘Now’

When it comes to Fashion and Fashion Designing, India has been diverse towards the process of creation. Due to various cultures available the styling changes at each city. So many people and their choices helps us experiment in the Indian market.

If you are noticing your child leaning towards the fashion industry or anything around, let us help you with why he/she should pursue with Fashion Designing post his 10th standard.

History Of Fashion Designing

We don’t want to quote a guessed year and let you start with the math. So fashion as we all know has been running in the air since ages. Fashion can not be defined in a sentence or two. It’s a sum total of personal creation + imagination + industry rules and a bit of influence.

We have been witnessing celebrities with an awe whenever they wear or adopt an attire that’s out of the box. However these days fashion and trends are taken seriously even by a common man.

Hence, past all these years we are making and creating art through the craft of designing. Initially when there was an absence of  ready-made clothes and when custom-made clothing was the only catch, we would design clothes according to our style and give it to the tailor. Now when there’s an emergence of malls and a huge number of clothing brands and solo labels, the fashion industry has more space to welcome different creative minds for the better.

Let ‘Le Mark’ Be Your Child’s Next Playground

Le Mark School of Art caters various options for someone who dreams and lives nothing but Fashion. At Le Mark, we are an A-Z experience providing institute. We excel in crafting our students. Our highlight courses are

  • Fashion Design
  • Jewellery Design
  • Textile Design
  • Photography

As we know it’s never too late to start, if your child is clear enough and aims to hit the strike in the Fashion Industry; your child can hit the mark early by studying the specific immediately after passing class 10.

Le Mark: Fashion Designing

Courses and Advantages

These are the crafted courses ideal for your child after he/she finishes school. Here’s the link for more detailed information regarding these courses:


Incase if you are looking for a course that’s more brief and compact, we have ‘Certificate in Fashion Designing’It’s a 6 months course to train students with the basics to let them know the in and outs. This course helps them understand the ground rules and provide them with a picture of what thy are getting into in order to create conformity in their minds.

You can also visit our website https://www.lemarkedu.com/ for more details or call us on +91 9870668899 to book an appointment.

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