What They Say About LeMark

Students Speak

Nikita Pichholiya

The past year at Le Mark for us has been a wonderful journey, from attending industrial visits, learning new [show_more more=’read more…’ less=’Read Less’color=’#ec6c6b’ align=’left’]concepts, attending seminars have all been of great use to us. Then came the fashion show ‘MARQUEE’ where we put to use all our teachings. The overall experience of the show was amazing, working with the models was also a whole new experience. The help of our mentors helped us in achieving the best creative design award. In all, we are really thankful to Le Mark for giving us this opportunity.[/show_more]

Shifa Merchant

I am Shifa Merchant 1st year student of Le Mark institute from Charni Road branch. I would like [show_more more=’read more…’ less=’Read Less’color=’#ec6c6b’ align=’left’]to share my overall journey Of the 1st year till the fashion show. It was love being worked every day in class with my faculties’ n friends. And when the time came to showcase our first design on-ramp it was amazing. Being an individual participant it was a bit competitive for me but moreover, it was a good experience to work as per the theme n with a group. The theme was sparkle and darkle and my work was inspired by fireflies and the color scheme of my garment wax black n golden. I have also received an award for the best commercial viable garment. The moment they announced my name it was a shocking and best moment too for me. I’m thankful to Le Mark School of Art and Design and all my directors, faculties n also my friends this couldn’t happen without their support and corporation.[/show_more]


It was an incredible journey in Le Mark. With the guidance and the wholehearted support of the [show_more more=’read more…’ less=’Read Less’color=’#ec6c6b’ align=’left’]experienced faculty at Le Mark, I have transformed into a creative person with a better understanding of concepts of design. One of the finest outcomes of this journey has been an award for the Best Theme Interpretation. Being on the ramp with the model wearing my product was like a dream come true something that I never thought would actually happen. Moreover, the experience in Le Mark has been amazing and I’m glad that I could be a part of such an esteemed institute.[/show_more]


Designing for something is a field with uniqueness and individuality, the passion for which comes within [show_more more=’read more…’ less=’Read Less’color=’#ec6c6b’ align=’left’]the individual. Being a part of the Jewellery Designing course in Le Mark is like “know your own individuality“. The exposure they provide is far way good for the person who wants to achieve something. The faculty is always available and willing to help. Here the potentials are harnessed, skills are developed, confidence is built and dreams are realized.[/show_more]

Pratik Bhanushali Mange

Hey, Pratik here would like to share my experience as a fashion designing student. The knowledge about [show_more more=’read more…’ less=’Read Less’color=’#ec6c6b’ align=’left’]the techniques and skills learned during the course are really helpful while participating in the show. Thankful to Le Mark for providing us such a big platform like “MARQUEE’ the annual fashion show, to showcase our innovation, experiments in front of the industry. This time our main theme for MARQUEE was Melange and I had selected Indian Textile as my sub-theme. My main inspiration was Patola motifs, and I had modified the motifs of Patola and converted the whole weave into print with gold pigment to make it feel royal. Then just had gathered the whole idea into a western silhouette.[/show_more]

Umama Khan

I am Umama Khan. I am a 1st year student of Le Mark School of Art and design. All the interactive sessions [show_more more=’read more…’ less=’Read Less’color=’#ec6c6b’ align=’left’]with our faculty, guest mentors has helped us a lot to polish our skills to make a successful career for ourselves for our coming future. And also this institute has provided with great exposure. Our recent fashion show has helped gain that experience that a designer needs to make a career. The faculty and the students have worked together as a team all year so that the students can have the best and have no issues in their work. This is one of the reasons the students are comfortable in Le Mark and can express their ideas more freely. The program provided by Le Mark has made the student know most about the fashion stream in a shit period if time. Which is helpful and can be a guide for every student to have a prosperous future.[/show_more]