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Pro Photography

1 Year

Diploma in Photography

Photography courses at Le Mark delivers the unique opportunity for you to develop creative skills and explore professional outcomes that facilitate career paths and successful photographic practice in diverse industries. Photography at Le Mark examines the interchanges between design, editorial and fine art photography which allows you to develop your own practice to a standard of excellence across multiple platforms. Photography will develop your creative skills and encourage you to advance towards new experimental approaches to the medium.

Course Structure

  • History of Photography
  • Understanding Camera Components
  • Understanding the Lens and Types of Lenses
  • The Exposure Triangle
  • Understanding Manual Mode
  • Outdoor Practicals and Photo Walks
  • Meter and Metering Modes
  • Depth of Field
  • Light Painting and Creative Techniques
  • The Art of Composition and Camera Angles
  • Introduction to Digital Editing
  • Processing JPEG and Camera RAW
  • Filters in Digital Photography
  • Understanding Basic Lightings
  • Creative Use of Composition
  • Advanced Exposure Techniques
  • Introduction to People Photography
  • Bokeh, Portraiture, Night, Cityscape Photography
  • Close-up and Macro Photography
  • Creative Use of Lighting Techniques – Studio and Outdoor

  • Digital Darkroom Techniques
  • Travel & Street Photography
  • Fashion Photography I
  • Product Photography
  • Food Photography
  • Wedding & Candid Photography
  • Jewellery Photography
  • Light Meter Reading
  • Event Photography
  • Introduction to Photojournalism
  • Sports Photography
  • Landscape & Nature Photography
  • Architectural & Interior Photography
  • Advanced Post Processing
  • SFX Special Effects
  • Introduction to Criminal Photography
  • Introduction to Underwater Photography
  • Aerial Photography
  • Introduction to Drone Photography
  • Portfolio Development
  • Photography Business


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The Mark of Excellence

Le Mark Advantage

At Le Mark, our idea of education is practice based collaborative learning that makes you think disruptive and different. Our students are constantly exposed to practical learnings through factory visits, study tours, artisan interactions, guest lectures, fashion shows and more. Similarly, working and networking opportunities with designers, brands, national and international companies, suppliers, manufacturers, film and television industry, helps students learn crucial aspects of the work.

The students are also made aware of latest trends of their respective verticals. Le Mark acts as a necessary platform to engage with the industry on a continuous basis. The aim is to provide knowledge and skills required for a career as a creative designer or professional photographer. This has led to, best-in-course internships and quality placement opportunities. Le Mark integrative curriculum draws on all disciplines to elevate your creativity and help you thrive in a dynamic global landscape.

  • Curriculum mapped with International Standards
  • Industry’s most Experienced Professionals on Advisory & Mentor Board
  • State-of-the-Art Infrastructure
  • Industry Seminars
  • Experienced and Certified Faculty
  • Participation in National & International Competitions
  • Live Events & Movie Projects
  • Jury Presentations & Award Ceremony
  • Annual Fashion & Jewellery Show- ‘MARQUEE’
  • Well spread across the city with easy connectivity
  • PG & Hostel Accommodation Assistance
  • 100% Placements Assistance

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